Adrenaline X Laser Tag Tournament!

Let's get your summer started right with a laser tag tournament!

  • Saturday, July 8 at 6 PM - 9 PM
  • Gather up your team of 5 players and get registered for this epic event.
  • We will have cash prizes for the top teams and fun for everyone involved.
  • Come test your skills in a battle for domination of the arena!
  • Cost is $25 per player or half off with your MEMBERS card!
  • Don't have a team? Give us a call and we can help find a team for you to join.

Valentines Day Special 2017


AdrenalineX is partnering with Game Liner to create a fantastic experience for the kids so you and your significant other can have some valentines day alone time.

That’s right!      You can drop off the kids and actually go on a date without them.

What’s this all about?

gameliner_logoBeginning at 5:30 pm we’ll be rotating the kids through some great laser tag courses and into the Game Liner mobile video game trailer!

The Game Liner experience has been receiving rave reviews about the success of their events. Pair this with the great laser tag courses at adrenalineX on valentines day for and exceptional and unique experience for the kids.

So, drop the kids off at 5:30 so you can have 4 hours just to yourselves. Please pick up the kiddos by 9:30 pm.

Important Reminder

We have great facilities and equipment for what we do. But, we’re not equipped to care for hoards of toddlers. Please don’t plan on leaving any children under the age of 6 years old with us for this special.


loginThe cost is $25 for one child! But, we’ll drop the price $5 for each additional child. So, Child #2 is $20 and Child #3 is only $15. This price reduction is only available for siblings. The neighbor kids can come too but they’ll have to start out at $25 too.


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