At AdrenalineX you have two fields of Battle to choose from.

Rookie Course:

This course is 2,000 square feet of fun for players 6 and up!  It's typically intended for those who are younger, but its still a lot of fun for adults too.  So, whether you're a kid, or a kid at heart you will love to play laser tag on our smaller battlefield where the taggers are lighter and the missions are fun, and easy to play! Players are equipped with our XM-7 taggers on this course. Whether it's walk-in play or your kids next birthday party you'll love the Rookie Course!


(Per Player)

  • $12.99 - 30 Minutes
  • $15.99 - 60 Minutes

Pro Course:

This battlefield is over 6,000 square feet and will test your skills when you have to shoot,  move,  and communicate with your team.  It's intended for those who want more of a tactical feel.  Players will be equipped with our MP-5 taggers which are a little heftier and more appropriate for this course. Whether you are just walking in, team building, or visiting for a birthday party or bachelor/bachelorette party you will love our Pro Course!


(Per Player)

  • Only $25 - 90 Minute Session

We offer hearty discounts to students and public servants


Discount limits and rules:

30% off with Valid Military I.D 

30% off for College students with valid I.D

10% off with 12-17 Players

20% off with more than 18 Players

The military discount is extended to all military personnel as well as police, firefighters, and EMS workers.  Valid I.D. must be presented to get the discount.  The discount is extended to that person and his/her immediate family only.

College discount is limited to one college discount per current and valid college I.D. presented.  

All offers, discounts, and specials are exclusive and can not be combined with any other offers unless otherwise stated.

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